Some quiz, eh?

You already having experience in design means you made our answer pretty easy.

If you are comfortable with a lot of code and maintenance, Wordpress is 100% the way to go. They have a TON of options and what seems like endless plugins out there; we consider them unparalleled in terms of integrations. 

One main thing we want to mention is how important chose the right theme is. If you are making a cake you have to know if it’s going to be angel food cake or German chocolate before you go shopping for ingredients right? Well a lot of themes can do a lot of different things. So we recommend being a fortune teller here - look at your business future over the next 6 months and make a list of exactly what you need your site to do for you. 

We do want to name drop here - we gotta talk about Divi. Divi is a theme from that is such a game freakin' changer!!! They made a drag and drop style editor that fits oh so nicely with Wordpress. 

Lets say you want some more control on the design, but want to skip the headache of staying on top of plugins and all that jazz. You just want to get started, right? Well good news - Squarespace is here to help. They do drag and drop, but you can customize the heck out of their websites with your own code. You also don't have to manage plugins and their updates - all the important parts are covered by the team at Squarespace. We even made this site on Squarespace; that's how much we love it.

There are some cool companies out there that make it ridiculously easy to kick start your project. Our favorite is InsideTheSquare. They build premade sites using Squarespace, so you can still play around with code if you want to, but you know that your bases are covered on day one. They also take training pretty seriously so you can be confident jumping in with both feet.

Wait - what about Wix?
We are not ones to bash any service out there - let that be clear as La Croix. Wix is a great platform, with a lot of design options not yet found anywhere else. Downside, you don't get a lot of control on the mobile or table side of things, and their integrations with other systems for lead capture and booking appointments, while decent and constantly added to, are still a little behind when it comes to price and flexibility. It seems as though the last 5 years or so they have focused a lot on getting as many brands as they can to integrate with their sites (kind of like Wordpress with their vast collection of plugins) but that rapid deployment means the quality isn’t always there. You will need to search through a big library of options, spend time doing a lot of style tweaks or setup to get it working right, and often have to pay extra for specific functionality. We have used them plenty of times in the past - so I will say it again - we are not ones to bash any service out there. Wix is a great fit for some people, especially folks who want 100% creative control but don't have the time or the desire to learn code.

If you needed to get started yesterday, check out SimpleStarterSites. They can help you hit the ground running with quick custom builds made for new businesses. 

So there you have it.

Wordpress v Wix v Squarespace - updated for 2019. #IMHO